Solax inverter installer code

Do you want to change some settings in your solax inverter but you dont have a installer password/code? It is easy to bruteforce the code to get in the advanced or super mode.

Download KALI live and put it on a USB-stick. Boot from the usb stick and connect to the wifi network of your inverter. Then open a terminal.

Type: wget
and press enter. This will download a password file with all digits between 0000 – 9999.

Type: hydra -l admin -I -P pass4getallen.txt -t 1 -w 5 -W 1 -vV http-post-form “/:optType=setReg&pwd=^USER^&Data={\”num\”\:1,\”Data\”\:[{\”reg\”\:0,\”val\”\:\””^PASS^”\”}]}:F=failed”
and press enter. Within 5 hours you will get your installer code šŸ™‚

With custom firmware for your Solax Wifi pocket you can connect to your inverter from your own lan network. See this post:

To change settings you can use this url:
Only change settings if you know what you are doing!!